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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

vera lynn petersen; omaha food reviewer

When it comes to the Midwest, people have a lot of misconceptions, particularly about our cuisine (or lack thereof). They often imagine we love meat and potatoes, not too many international flavors and the ubiquitous “hot dish” at family get togethers. While Omaha Steaks are a very real (and very delicious) thing, and casseroles are a great way to feed a crowd, we also enjoy a variety of daring, exciting and flavorful things as well. I’m often proud to surprise friends from out of town with my knowledge of Ethiopian Injera bread, Indian Chana dal and Vietnamese Pho. Trying to convince my local peeps to step out of their comfort zones though can sometimes be...a challenge. Thankfully we have bloggers like Vera Petersen to be culinary pioneers, trying all the good stuff and letting us know where to get it.

Vera is a native Omahan, who has had the opportunity to live both in New York and Washington DC. While growing up like many of us on canned veggies and Hamburger Helper, after high school she became willing to try new tastes and flavors. At age twenty she traveled to Europe, which helped expand her palette even more. Currently, her passion for local foods has motivated her to start a food and restaurant review blog highlighting the good, the great and the delicious. Vera shared, “my mission to support local foods grew in these last 4 years, as I learned how hard it is to keep a small business running and the need for community support to keep small businesses open. I am hoping that through my blog, people can become inspired to choose local restaurants and try new foods too.”

Vera Lynn Petersen from Omaha
Vera Lynn Petersen

So, what can we look forward to now that has launched? Think local. Local restaurants that work with local farms that help support the community. Enjoy highlights from the variety of ethnic food choices in town, and mouthwatering mash-ups that have yet to touch down in the River City (Sonoran hot dog anyone?) Not quite culinarily adventurous? Vera’s review blog will introduce you to the wonderful world of pop-ups, a great opportunity to step out and try something new. You’ll even get insight into the Sage Bistro at Metropolitan Community College, where the students create new menus every quarter and offer prix fixe gourmet courses for a budget friendly night on the town.

Without a doubt, Omaha has a lot of options for places to go get grub. And if you’re content with living “The Good Life” as advertised, beefy goodness and all, more power to you. But if you’re looking to expand your horizons, mix up the routine and really see what’s good, Vera is that cool girl with the inside track that you definitely want to hang out with.

Author: Adriene Archibald