Tim Maides; Master of All Things

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

tim maides from omaha

Author: Alan Rust

You may have already met Tim Maides because he seems to be involved in everything in Omaha. He is a hard working fun loving man who has been living in Omaha for about 22 years after moving here with his family from Switzerland.

His Chef brother, Ben Maides, got him his first job as a dishwasher for Espana Tapas Bar in Benson when he was in high school. He never wanted to become a chef but there weren't enough hard working people around so he worked his way up in the kitchen.

Some of the things he is most proud of is being part of what makes people happy. Whether it's a pop-up, a private catered dinner, or just a Saturday day night service. He says, "Bringing people joy is what makes all the long hours worth it. It's really the little things in life."

He is actually one of the least picky eaters he knows. He'll eat almost anything (except for blue cheese, cilantro and arugula). He very much enjoys a solid cheese & charcuterie plate with a rose wine. He usually goes for a bike ride down to La Buvette on my days off to enjoy that. A solid local beer and a killer special from Block 16 is also very high on his list. If he is drinking it's 9 times out of 10 gonna be a "Horse Feather" cocktail: Rye whiskey, ginger beer, extra bitters and a lemon peel.

Tim is also one of the two guys who started Benson Soap Mill. They are working to utilize and re-purpose both natural and discarded products from local restaurants, coffee shops, and farms to make some of the finest soap around using as locally sourced products as possible.

He says the best part of living in Omaha is the fact that there's something new popping up every day. Tim says, "It's a small pond and little ripples make a big splash so it's fun to be part of an active and growing community that's trying to make Omaha a better place. It's very easy to get involved and the people are SO supportive, he couldn't do it without them."