Supporting Omaha | Bike Union & Coffee Union

bike union and coffee in omaha

There is no shortage of coffee shops in Omaha recently. However, the Bike Union & Coffee Union makes a difference in our community. I talked with Miah Sommer, the Executive Director, to discover more about the mission at their location at 19th & Dodge. The Union is a nonprofit bike shop and coffeehouse dedicated to providing job skills, life skills, and mentoring to youth aging out of foster care.

Miah explained that the foster care system ends at age 18 which leaves children with no place to live and no help for their future. Without help 39% of those residents become homeless. The children who are accepted to the Union program must commit to 20 hours a week for a year. They use that time to work in the bike and coffee shop, learn financial skills, meditate and build a community together.

We can all help their mission in many ways. We can make this a regular stop for our latte or coffee with 100% of the profits going toward the Union. We can buy new or repair old bikes there so their kids learns skills and all profits go toward their mission. We can donate bikes to the Union that they can repair/resell or use for parts.

Take time to spend some time in the unique round building and have a coffee while you look at the bikes for sale. Relax at the tables and couches. Make a difference in our community one cup at a time.

This coffee project is featured on the Nebraska Tour Company top coffee shop guide>

Miah Sommer from omaha