Streetcars in Omaha Again

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

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Author: Alan Rust

The Omaha metro area is on track to hit 1 million residents within the next decade. Streetcars kept our city mobile in the past. A modern streetcar can help us handle our future growth. Now is the time for accurate, information-based conversations about the streetcar. Projects are moving forward and decisions are being made — and when the streetcar is added to the mix, our city’s future is on the right track.

A streetcar today gets us to an even brighter, bolder future for our city tomorrow.

With a streetcar, we can transform our urban core and strengthen neighborhoods and schools. It can enhance the unique character of midtown and downtown, creating higher density development. And, there are a lot more reasons to Discover Omaha.

A streetcar moves people around an urban core. This strengthens and revitalizes neighborhoods and schools. It enhances the unique character of midtown and downtown, and creates higher density development. It would allow more employers to move back into the area.

Our talent is leaving. Nebraska ranks 44th in terms of loss to “brain drain,” while nearby states like Minnesota and Missouri benefit from “brain gain.”

Today, the health of our local economy is greatly dependent on millennials and boomers — two generations critical to future growth and community competitiveness given their personal mobility, potential for new household formation and their importance as a vital talent pool for the economy.

Streetcars are most successful in areas where the people already are and where development is already happening — areas like midtown and downtown. The proposed streetcar line includes a number of civic and cultural assets and investments in many areas where development is already a priority. Further boosting the positive impact of a streetcar, it will be accessible and inclusive, literally driving more people to these attractions and businesses.

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