Shonna Dorsey; Benefiting Omaha

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Shonna Dorsey from Omaha

Author: Alan Rust

Shonna Dorsey might be Omaha’s busiest citizen. She is VP of the AIM Insitute but that is just the beginning. AIM is a non-profit that connects tech talent through educational program. She is on the Executive Board of Heartland 2050 which pulls together residents from around the region to work towards a common vision for growth in the Omaha metro area. She is a Board member at the Women’s Center for Advancement and an Advisor at DIBS for Kids.

There are even more committees in her life. She told me that her mission with all her activities is to improve the life of people in the community. She is busy every day but tries to find some time for herself. When Shonna finds that time she might stay home at Netflix or go out with friends to Karaoke.

After our conversation, I am motivated to be more involved in the community. I look forward to following the great work of the organizations that Shonna is involved in. Omaha will grow to an even better metro community for all with the guidance of groups and people like Shonna.

Shonna Dorsey with warren buffett