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I had the honor of talking with Nancy Williams, the Executive Director for No More Empty Pots and No More Empty Cups. We talked about the local mission of the non-profit coffee shop in the Little Italy district. No More Empty Pots is an organization to help fight poverty by giving all residents the chance to have healthy locally sourced food. Nancy explained that it is very important for children to have healthy food as their brains develop. No More Empty Pots provides the community with many programs including a shared commercial kitchen to help entrepreneurs, a kid's kitchen, a training kitchen and a rooftop garden.

In 2015, they were asked to open a non-profit coffee shop in the condo building on 10th Street. They created a space that is about community, culture and coffee. The coffee comes from Archetype, the tea from Artemis and the food is from local farms. The building is the first LEED certified in Nebraska which also provides a Community Room that is available to anyone. You can even find a 100 year old piano in the warm comfortable space. Everyone can enjoy the space for a beverage, food, events, readings and acoustic music.

Nancy explained her passion for the mission of the organization. I was inspired after hearing the great work being accomplished by the entire team at NMEP and the volunteers.

Learn more about their important efforts at No More Empty Cups and No More Empty Pots.

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Nancy Williams from omaha