Reboot Roasting

Matt Boshart of omaha

Matt Boshart is a guy who loves people, conversations, and coffee. In early 2015, he started Reboot Roasting with the goal of roasting fantastic specialty grade coffee, meeting lots of awesome people, and being the most approachable coffee roaster around.

Matt says, "I'm what most people would call a bit of a nerd. The subject? It doesn't really matter. I find a way to get in there, root around, and really geek it up." Take his coffee roasting, for example. About 6 years ago he said "I like coffee....I should build a coffee roaster!" And he did — the love child of a popcorn popper and a convection oven. The first time he fired it up (and burned the living daylights out of the beans) I knew I was in love. Fast forward several years and his dream is reality.

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