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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

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Author: Alan Rust

The majority of us have never heard of the wonderful work being done by Omaha's Radio Talking Book Service. The small staff and many volunteers provide news and information to the visually impaired residents of our state. For the last 43 years they have presented the written word on a spoken format. Every day they read Omaha World Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star and other statewide newspapers each week. Over 100 volunteers also read select magazine articles out of a small studio on the north side of the city. They keep our residents connected to current information every day.

This important non-profit also provides a way for residents to listen to their broadcasts at no charge thanks to the generous donations by our community. They provide many listening devices depending on how a listener will receive the signal: FM receivers, streaming internet receivers and other physical devices. Anyone can also listen to their broadcasts live at, on the mobile app and even on YouTube.

I had the privilege of being on their Community Conversation program with Executive Director Jane Nielsen. I am glad I got to meet these great people and learn how they help Omaha and Nebraska residents. I invite all of you to get involved in their mission by volunteering or donating. Please visit: