Omaha Sister City | Shizuoka City, Japan

The first of Omaha’s sister cities, Shizuoka, Japan, was established in 1965 by leading Omaha businessmen who saw the importance of establishing international connections and cultural education for Omaha and its citizens. It’s population is over 470,000 and is located an hour south of Tokyo by bullet train.

Shizuoka City is the capital and nucleus of a broad urban area located in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is also the economic, political, information, education and cultural center of the region and is known for its agricultural crops of green tea, tangerines and strawberries.

The city’s name is made up of two kanji, shizu, meaning “still” or “calm”; and oka, meaning “hill.” In 2003, Shizuoka merged with Shimizu City, briefly becoming the largest city by land area in Japan. In 2005, it became one of Japan’s 19 “designated cities.” Mt. Fuji is Shizuoka’s claim to fame and was recently named as one of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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