Omaha's Leavenworth Classic Restaurants

omaha classic restaurant signs

As I drove along Leavenworth Street the other day, I realized that there are many true classic places eat and drink along that historic street. These are places that hold a special place in the hearts of the people that have grown up in this city. This is a starter list to help you discover these Leavenworth Classics.

La Casa Pizzaria is a unique pizza place that is a favorite among many locals. The thin crust is different but very good. The slices are square which honestly can make it easier to eat. The original location is a throwback to an Italian restaurant with a lounge on the side.

Bronco’s Hamburgers is an original hamburger drive-in. The sign confuses people because it says ‘serv yourself and save.’ When they opened the concept of carrying your own food from the counter to your table was brand new; it was considered serving yourself. It’s a small place so grab one of the 4 tables or use the drive thru and enjoy a burger or some fried chicken.

11-worth Cafe is one of the best diners I have been to. It has grown to be large but still has the small diner charm. The breakfasts are large and delicious. They are known for the omelets and the biscuits and gravy. However, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I suggest trying the cinnamon/sugar toast.

Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar probably has the freshest fish options in the city. It is a old ‘divey’ seafood restaurant with Po’ Boys, oysters, Fish & Chips and more. There are other seafood restaurants downtown but I suggest that you try this one.

Mother India is a newer addition to the neighborhood but it is a charming Indian food experience. I tell people it is like eating in a mother’s dining when she is cooking in the next room. The food is excellent whether you sit inside or outside on the little patio.

Honorable mention to a classic bar...

Bud Olson Bar has been a family business for 4 generations. It is a classic dive bar that serves locals starting at 6 am. It gives the medical community from UNMC a place to go after working an overnight shift. The drinks are cheap and the food options are candy bars.

What are your favorites along Leavenworth? Let us know using #DiscoverOmaha.