Omaha in ORBT

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

orbt bus in omaha

Author: Alan Rust

It is time for Omaha to grow and add mass transit options. It is what millennial residents expect and what our city needs. Mass transit reduces cars, congestion and frustration. Omaha and Metro are taking the first step with the introduction of ORBT coming in 2019.

ORBT, Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, will run along Dodge Street with 11 stops from Westroads to Downtown. The route will include upgraded raised platforms for level boarding with real time arrival displays. The new 60 foot buses will be powered by natural gas and offer wifi and bicycle stations. The lights along the route will stay green longer and the bus stops are further apart. This creates a faster ride.

I look forward to riding ORBT along Dodge as the first step in our efficient public transit system followed by a Streetcar along Farnham.

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