Nick Bartholomew; Feeding Omaha

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

nick bartholemew from omaha

Author: Alan Rust

Many of us in Omaha know Nick Bartholomew from the very popular Over Easy breakfast restaurant on the southwest side. If you have been there you know that the hash rounds are amazing. Nick is a great guy that always has a smile and is always willing to help people.

Nick is also the creator of the downtown summer lunch craze, Dandelion Pop-up. His mission with Dandelion is to support local chefs and showcase their talent. This is the third year for the Friday lunch tradition that features all star chefs with a different menu each week. I suggest you get in line at 11 am each Friday during the summer because this year the menus are selling out quickly.

Nick started as a server which is where he found his passion for the industry. He did have a career in the finance world before he decided to start his own venture which became Over Easy. He secured funding and even appeared on a TV show competition to promote the project. He later worked with Jake Gardner to open The Market House in the Old Market. That venue suffered during the fire two years ago. The future plan is to reopen Market House; however, Mercer Management hasn’t done any of the repairs needed for them to start the remodel.

Nick and Over Easy also purchased the rights to the popular late night food truck food by Localmotive which closed about a year ago. Their epic Rounders and Fries are now available evenings at the Over Easy drive thru. Nick tells me that the plan is to bring back Rounders to the downtown fans.

His next project is the new Boho Rice which will be in the Little Bohemia District along 13th Street. There will certainly be more creative concepts from Nick in the future.

photo credits to and omaha