New Year | New Discoveries

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

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At the beginning of every year we think about new opportunities, resolutions and make plans for the coming months. Our team proposes that you add new discoveries to the list. Travel is definitely an option to explore the world; however, we also invite you to be a tourist in your own city.

What can you discover in Omaha?

You drive by historic and interesting landmarks every day. You may eat at the same restaurants with your favorite dishes every week. You walk past sculptures and murals without noticing.

We all get in a routine and don’t notice the things that are familiar around us. Take time to discover the stories around you every day. Take time to discover a new district in the city to learn its past and present.

Who can you discover Omaha with?

Grab a friend for a weekend adventure in your own town. Make plans when family is in town to all find new places, food and art. It’s always a good idea to get the work team out of the office. Everyone can be a more informed and involved part of their own community.

How can you discover Omaha?

The Tour Team at Nebraska Tour Company makes it easy with custom crafted tours and experiences. We offer food tours, history and even a street art tour. It is our mission to connect our guests to the local stories of our community.

Challenge yourself with your crew to discover a new district every month. Tell your boss you have a unique way to build a better team with a custom group tour experience to discover the city. You will be surprised what you don’t know about the city you live in.

Use our Tour Find to get started>

photo credit: photocollections on pexels