Nebraska Tour Company Helps A Global Traveler Land In Omaha

It was early December 2021 when our team received a call from John Koizim who was planning a trip to Omaha, Nebraska. Now, that isn’t an unusual call for a tour company; however, John had a special bucket list request. He shared that he had already visited all 7 continents including Antarctica. He had also visited 49 states in America with Nebraska saved as the final leg of his globetrotter journey. Our specialty at Nebraska Tour Company is creating custom tours for our guests. This was the time to make sure this special guest had the best experience in this momentous visit to Nebraska.

Have you heard the term Hodophile? John definitely fits this lesser known word for someone with the wanderlust to travel to many locations including lesser known destinations. He has traveled thousands of miles to experience the cultures, views and people on this great planet Earth.

John was especially interested in learning about our history so we created a custom tour including a chauffeured tour of the historic districts and landmarks throughout Omaha. We ended the tour with an in depth walking tour of the popular and historic Old Market district. We booked him with our best history Tour Host, Quintin. John was only in the city for 36 hours so we also set up legendary restaurants for his trip.

After the final stop on his bucket list, John sent us a very nice email. He shared, “I really enjoyed my time in Omaha and I learned a lot. The tour was perfect. Your dining suggestions were most helpful!” Our entire team was honored to be part of his journey. You can see in the pics from his Omaha visit that he is wearing his ‘7/50’ tee shirt. He has now traveled the globe to all continents and the entire United States.

We look forward to meeting everyone on their 50 state bucket list discovery of our great country. We already have another guest booked this year that will be completing her list in the great state of Nebraska.