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Updated: May 8, 2021

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I have heard it many times from visitors: ‘Omaha is is the best kept secret – I had no idea!’ However, as a Talent Acquisition or Human Resources professional you may have a challenge convincing your top candidate that they should move across the country, let alone to a city in Nebraska they’ve maybe never even heard about. With the competition for top talent at an all-time high in most industries, bringing the right individual into your organization has a significant business impact and assuring them of the positive decision to relocate to this city is where we can help. says that a “great way to give candidates insight into your city and ease fears about the transition is by providing helpful moving advice and recommendations about local life.” points out that “one of the biggest barriers to relocation and the biggest reason that relocations end early is due to the family not being able to adjust to the new environment.” These are probably facts that you as a recruiter are familiar with, however with the myriad of demands that accompany the hiring process, we understand that providing the detailed and thoughtful introduction to our fine city may unfortunately not be something you are able to accomplish with your other high-priority tasks in the high-quality way in which you would like.

The individual you need to join your organization may be facing a variety of personal or family challenges with the move. Different concerns may exist if the potential candidate is single, has a significant other or has a family. says that “the process of selling disinclined workers on relocation is about pushing the right buttons. Once you can overcome family and familiarity barriers, the rest will take care of itself.”

Nebraska Tour Company wants to help you in attracting and retaining the best possible candidate to your organization by partnering with you to showcase the city and all it has to offer to individuals and families; we want out current and future residents to love this city as much as we do!

We have two tour experience options that will take critical work off of your plate while still ensuring a quality experience for your candidates at an incredibly affordable price:

Option #1: Showcasing Omaha!

Let us help you with wining and dining your candidate while they are here for the interview process. We take the guess work out of planning a memorable evening where we highlight exactly what will be most meaningful to your candidate – whether that’s drinks at the newest hot spot before dinner or a stop by the best pizza and ice cream in Omaha with the family – it is our job to show our city at its best. We can also assist with touring your candidate around the city to highlight the best neighborhoods where they may be considering renting or buying. It would be our privilege to help your candidate sort out the various options when it comes to selecting a neighborhood by visiting each area and providing relevant information regarding safety, entertainment, commuting, or any other questions they may have. We highly suggest that you have a current associate join them for the tour. explained, “Make it a point to connect a candidate with a current employee – ideally on the team they’d be working on – so candidates can ask more specific questions about the company, team and role.” We work directly with you or your executive assistants to ensure seamless communication and an extremely smooth experience for you and your candidate.

Option #2: Welcome to Omaha!

Perhaps you’ve hired a great candidate through mostly virtual communication, and they have not had the chance to explore the city? Let us help! Our Welcome to Omaha tour will be the highlight of their Onboarding experience with your company. We can organize a group outing or lunch with the new team, and ensure your newest associates receives a VIP tour of their new city.

In the battle for the best talent, your company can win the top candidate or give a warm welcome to a new associate for less than a $150 investment in their future. Let us be your partner in attracting and retaining the people you need to take your organization to the next level. Discover Omaha is the easiest answer to the challenging question of how to introduce your candidates to this great city and help them to see themselves happily living here and working for you – we’d love to help!

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Thanks to Omaha's own Beth Swinney for her advice on this post.