Hello Jill Dudzinski from Hello Ruby

Jill Dudzinski from Hello Ruby

Jill Dudzinski loves to shop and wants to be ahead of the fashion curve. She started the Hello Ruby truck for fashionable ladies like her. The truck is named after her dog, Ruby. It launched in April and she describes it as “a fashion experience that is unique and innovative; think shopping for the most stylish, yet affordable clothing & accessories.”

Jill grew up in Omaha and graduated from UNL with a Marketing degree. She plans to stay in the city with her husband Austin. You can often find her at Archetype Coffee in her favorite part of the city, the Blackstone District. She loves Omaha because it keeps her close to her family and it’s easy to get around the city.

As a Buyer for her fashion truck, she gets to go to apparel markets to shop for upcoming fashions. She will be going to MAGIC market in Las Vegas again in August. She keeps the newest styles on her truck all the time. You won’t likely see everyone else wearing fashions from her shop because she only has 6 pieces of each item. You need to Shop quick and Shop often.

She plans to keep the truck moving during fall and holiday season. You will be able to find her at monthly community events and holiday markets. She also plans to be part of Shop Small Saturday in November.

Her future plans for the coming years include pop up stores around the city. She always wants to work on collaborating with other retailers and businesses to create a unique shopping experience in Omaha.

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