Great Teams Are Built Outside the Office

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Team retention is an important topic today, as it has been for many years. According to research by Kronos and Future Workplace, 87% of HR leaders are aware of the importance of employee retention and consider it a primary concern. Every company wants to attract and keep the best talent; however, many employees in today’s job market quickly feel uninspired by their work, get bored after two years and start job hunting for something new. Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, improve team creativity, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. A study by Dale Carnegie (below) reveals that 71% of U.S. employees are not engaged which means they aren’t as productive and they may be looking for other opportunities.

dale carnegie employee engagement study
Dale Carnegie study

Company outings like nights out, lunches, happy hours, coaching and buddy programs can prove to be sometimes expensive but they’re well worth the investment. A positive company culture that truly understands the employees’ both physical and mental needs, will result in highly engaged workforce to contribute to the company’s overall growth vision.

Jenn Hyman, founder Rent the Runways says “We’ve found that team members often get their best ideas when they’re out of the office with time to breathe and have fun.”

The entire point of a company outing is to help promote a strong company culture in which employees feel connected to one another and in which employee happiness is a priority. That’s why it’s so worth the effort to attempt to pull off a good one. It’s tricky and can be extra work for you. But if the outing is a hit, you’re the office hero. Nebraska Tour Company has dozens of out of office experiences which take the extra work off your ‘to do list.’

Important Stats to Know

  • A recent study by Gallup shows that only 29% of employees think they’re expected to be creative and try new things at work. With regular team-building exercises, managers can change this perception and encourage employees to bring something new to the table.

  • About 3 million Americans quit their job each month. This level of voluntary turnover speaks to the magnitude of the retention issue that many organizations face.

  • The cost to replace a highly-trained employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary. Turnover is expensive, no matter what type of position an employee holds.

  • Employees who are "engaged and thriving" are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months. Further Gallup research found that although engaged employees are surely less likely to leave your organization, employees who are engaged and thriving are even less likely to leave.

  • 46% of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to 50% of their annual workforce turnover. Although startup employees are often depicted as the poster children for burnout, research has shown it’s a prevalent issue for organizations of all types across the world.

  • Employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with coworkers than direct supervisors. Team relationships matter, and they matter on a level that is bigger than you might expect. As part of a recent employee engagement survey, the team at TINYpulse found that employee happiness is much more closely correlated to the connections they share with their coworkers, rather than those they share with their direct supervisors.

3 Benefits of Team Outings

  • Recharge: Just like batteries, human needs to be recharged in terms of their creativity, motivation and positive energy. Team outing lets the brain relax and promotes creativity, collaboration and overall productivity.

  • Cohesion: Socializing in a casual way outside the working hours will effectively tighten your employee’s team cohesion. Such casual occasion frees up the employees to be just the way they are, there is no limitation to keep in touch with the colleagues.

  • Engagement: a RedBalloon/AltusQ report found that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.

We know that some leaders consider team-building activities to be a waste of time and money that result in only short-term bonds between coworkers. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that some of these activities also create opportunities for growth that daily work doesn’t always allow for. Leaders just need to know how to organize the right kinds of events for their teams.

An article from Mashable points out that hierarchy goes out of the window at these types of events. “Sometimes we need to let loose and not feel like we can’t say something to someone because they’re a superior. Outings facilitate conversations between people across various departments and throughout the company hierarchy.”

builder trend team outing with nebraska tour company
BuilderTrend team outing

NTC Makes Workdays Fun

The Nebraska Tour Company team will help you create an event that is the best fit for your team. We will take care of everything from our first conversation. We customize every tour experience so it is above expectations for everyone involved. We even offer a concierge service for companies visiting the city. Our affordable options are much less expensive than training new team members.

We have crafted many team activities for local companies so we want to share some of the unique choices. Our outings visit multiple locations which mixes up the group so everyone interacts instead of sitting in the same place for the whole event.

  • Happy Hour on the Move: we visit locally owned restaurants for small bites and drinks while walking or chauffeured in luxury

  • District Past & Present: out team shares brief stories of the past followed by food and drink from today’s hot spots while walking through a specific district

  • Conference Break: your group can get a break from the important day with a customized break during the day or an end of day activity

  • Gastropub & Brewery Tour: visit some of our many breweries with small bites and beer flights

  • Mob History Tour: learn about the city’s sordid past with stories of the mafia and bootlegging with a ending at a local speakeasy

  • Historic Lunch Walk: we provide a chef tasting lunch followed by a history walk through one of our most popular districts

  • Scavenger Hunt: our unique search activities include historical facts, food and drink with a gathering when the teams have finished

Contact Nebraska Tour Company to make your team a great team.