Food Tourism on the Rise

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

food travel graphic

Author: Alan Rust

Food has always been part of tourism. We let ourselves indulge and explore new foods while we are traveling. Today, it’s reported that a third of people’s travel budgets are spent on food. Travelers are increasingly using culinary tours along with brewery and winery tours to discover new food while they are on a vacation or daytrip.

88% of people in a survey say that gastronomy is a defining element in choosing their travel destination. It is possible that for today’s traveler Restaurants are the new Museum. The chef created dishes are plated with an new aesthetic. Bartenders created cocktails with levels of taste and unique garnishes. Craft Brewers develop brews with newfound flavor complexity.

We admire the artisan craft creations of local chefs, craft brewers and craft cocktail creators. This interest is part of our lives even as we become a tourist in our own cities.

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