Flagship Restaurant Group born in Omaha

nick hogan of flagship restaurant group

Hopefully you have discovered Flagship Commons at Westroads Mall. It is a new concept unique food hall concept that was created in Omaha. I talked to Nick Hogan who is the CEO for Flagship.

Nick was born in Omaha so Omaha has always been home. He graduated from Prep in 1993 and then the University of Arizona in 1997 and the University of San Diego School of Law in 2000. But, Omaha has always been home.

There are several things about Omaha that have made it the perfect community for their business; specifically the size, geographic location and economic stability. He believes the central US is one of the best areas in the world to be doing business and Omaha is the perfect jumping off point.

Nick says, “from a geographic stand point Omaha is perfectly positioned to support our growth objectives” at Flagship Restaurant Group. He further explains, “additionally, I think the people in this community intuitively understand what it means to commit to a project and see it though. The Omaha community doesn’t scare easily and they aren’t looking for the next ‘get rich quick’ scheme. That economically conservative perspective on business and on life makes this a very reliable community and a very stable economy. It’s the perfect foundation for Flagship.”

I asked Nick what led to the creation of the Flagship Commons Food Hall concept. He explained that the mall owners were looking to do something creative and different and the Flagship Group likes a challenge. They wouldn’t have done a project that large in another market but Omaha is home and they like to build restaurants that the owners want to eat in. He further explained that it was an opportunity to develop several concepts at once.

Blue Sushi is still the primary growth vehicle for Flagship Group. They still want to do more of all of of their concepts and develop new concepts in the future. But, Blue was the first concept they ever opened back in 2002 and its grown and evolved to stay relevant in a way that exceeded their early expectations.

I think we all look forward to more creative concepts from Nick and the Flagship Group.