Ethan Bondelid; Creating Omaha

Updated: Mar 9

ethan bondelid from omaha

Author: Alan Rust

Ethan Bondelid is an important force in Omaha’s food and cocktail scene. His story starts while he was in college for graphic design. He then opened a studio and art gallery along with a magazine. He is a creative man.

The next step for Ethan was managing for a development company. He started to throw events at clubs and pop ups events.

There was a phase where he did leadership management development and was a partner in a firm. That’s where he learned a lot about leading a team He then decided to leave corporate to get back to return to his creativity.

He opened the House of Loom which brought a mobile party to a physical place. That venue was open for 6 years. Around the same time he opened Berry & Rye, Omaha’s first craft cocktail bar, and Victor Victoria, a upscale salon. Those Old Market venues are still open today.

He continued to open unique venues with epic design themes. Wicked Rabbit, Omaha’s first speakeasy, opened in 2015. Ethan partnered with Paul Kulik to open Via Farina which is a casual Italian eatery in Little Italy. Laka Lono Rum Club is an amazing tiki style island bar in the heart of the Old Market.

Ethan created Maven Social 2 years ago as a parent company to manage his venues. He was asked to design and help open Monarch Prime and Bar in the Hotel Deco because of the success of the Wicked Rabbit. Both venues follow a theme he created based on Alice in Wonderland.

Ethan has learned about creating experiences from the conceptual side. I have heard him discuss his projects and he is very detailed and designed oriented. 2018 will surely bring Maven Social new projects and definitely a remodel for one of his originals, Berry & Rye.