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I think that the Little Italy District is one of the biggest secrets in the city. I have met many people who didn’t know we had one. You would expect that this area has pizza; it does! You can find Orsi’s Bakery & Pizzaria which has been around since 1919 as well as Via Farina which is a new addition to the area. You can find an original landmark restaurant, Cascio's Steakhouse, which has been in the area since 1933. It is also home to the Blue Barn Theater.

You can discover Little Italy around Pacific Street between from 10th Street to the River. This area was the source for a lot of Omaha’s bootlegging during the Prohibition era. Sicilian immigrants came to the area to work for Union Pacific Railroad. According to one expert, Little Italy native Tony Biase was the "leading Mafioso in Omaha" through the 1970s.

Little Italy has already seen new developments in housing. It and it’s neighboring Little Bohemia have a lot more improvements planned in the coming years. A new grocery coop is planned along 10th street. Keep your eye open to catch the quick new developments in this area. If you haven’t been to Little Italy, give it a try this weekend.

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Ethan bondelid and paul kulik at via farina in omaha