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historic mansion in the omaha gold coast district

Omaha’s Gold Coast District was a trendy social hotspot in the 1920s. It got its name because of the its concentration of high-value homes. It is roughly bounded by 36th, 40th, Jones, and Cuming Streets and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. From 1880 through the 1940s several large mansions were built for upper middle and upper class commuters. During this time Omaha's downtown was a long trolley-ride away, and the community was in the country.

The neighborhoods technically inside this district are Blacksone, Cathedral neighborhood and the Joslyn Castle neighborhood. The Blackstone Hotel, namesake for the area, was built in 1915 and is reportedly the home of the Rueben sandwich.

UN Medical Center is a new big part of this district. The growth of this area has led to the 2014 development of the Blackstone District to serve the staff and visitors to UNMC. The Gold Coast District has everything from national history to future development.

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