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gifford park mural in omaha

You’ve probably driven past it many times, not even realizing what beautiful hidden gem lies just past Dodge & 33rd St next to a bustling Midtown. Named after Dr Harold Gifford who donated this land, Gifford Park has continued to be a staple in Omaha.

Just behind the K-N-J Grocery Store lies a breath-taking mural. The community loves it. For them, it represents the strong community attachment they have and feel toward one another. It compliments the economic growth in the Mid-town area. It brings everyone together during their market shopping, especially on Friday nights. The mural colors represent the diversity within the community, complimenting their strong bonds.

Don't forget to stop by Myrtle and Cypress Coffee House. Built and designed by residents living in Gifford Park, the neighborhood has always desired a coffee shop. "Coffee shops are about community. It's a treat. So how could we give give people that experience but still have it be as healthy as possible?" said Aaron, the barista who also lives in the area. With all the ingredients locally made, it's quite a treat. Trust us.

A vibrant area filled with colorful individuals. Look out for the many residents walking, talking and enjoying the company among each other at their Friday night neighborhood market. Stop by California Tacos for a quick taco. Run, jump, skip, and play at the actual Gifford Park and enjoy the charming quietness of the area. So much history awaits you. Just take the time to discover Omaha.

Author: Tim Harris