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Fontenelle Forest

There’s something inherently peaceful and just right about being in nature. It doesn’t matter where it’s at. The smells, the sights, and above all else: the quietness. It’s here that we escape the business and noise that we’ve come to escape living in a city.

Nature’s orchestra: natural sounds soothes us. It’s places like the Fontenelle Forest that can take us from city to serene in a matter of minutes. A vast 1400 acres of forest about 15 minutes from Omaha’s downtown is a story just waiting to happen.

What started off as just a trading post has turned into one of the largest deciduous Forest’s in Nebraska. Listed as both a National Natural Landmark and National Historic District, it includes hardwood deciduous forest, extensive floodplain, hills, and marshlands.

An interactive learning center awaits you inside, with screens detailing info about each trail. Small but informative stations give it the feel of a fancy show and tell.

You’ll also love their Raptor Woodland Rescue. (Not actual Velociraptors) With 13 birds of prey, it will no doubt leave you in awe. You could probably spend all day just looking at how wondrous these birds are.

If you have a couple of hours to spend and really want to get in touch with your adventurous side, Fontenelle Forest is definitely the place for you.