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field club district in omaha

It's the beauty within a city that often makes it the most mesmerizing. Neighborhoods like Field Club add to it's beauty.

Named after Omaha's first country club and golf course, the Field Club was founded in 1898. Being in close proximity, this was the main reason the neighborhood received it's name.

Registered as a historic district since 2000, one glance and you will see why. Picturesque, methodical, meticulous. Every manor seemingly placed in its position. All flowing with one theme in mind: quiet peacefulness. You may forget you're not more than half a mile away from an interstate, with trees and flowers making it seem you're in the Pacific Northwest.

The neighborhood represents architecture from the late 1800's to the mid 1950's. It won't take you driving through the neighborhood to figure this out.

Fun fact: Gerald R Ford's birthsite? The Field Club. There's so much rich history in such a small area.

Still intriguing is the beautiful golf course burrowed within the neighborhood. Take the time to take on 18 holes on a sunny day. Looking to swim? The Field Club of Omaha has that.

Whatever you're looking to do, you'll more than likely to find it and more in the field club neighborhood.