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dundee district in omaha

Dundee was a small town that was annexed back in 1915. It was the first preplanned community in the state making it Omaha's first suburb. The Happy Hollow district is part of the area.

Interesting fact that in 1945 a Japanese fire balloon was exploded over Dundee as part of war campaign to bring chaos to American cities.

Omaha famous residents in this area include Warren Buffet and Alexander Payne the academy award winning filmmaker. Buffet bought his house in 1958 for only $31,500.

Omaha's Memorial Park war memorial is located in this area. It was originally conceived by Robert Storz and Henry Dorley. The site was dedicated by President Harry S. Truman in 1948.

Today, Dundee is still the neighborhood with beautiful historic homes. The Underwood business district is now home to quality dining, small bars, unique shopping and floral shops. Filmstreams is reclaiming the old Theater on Dodge Street for actual movies. I invite you to discover Dundee and the surrounding streets of historic homes.

  • Florist shop: Dundee Florist

  • Bicycle shop: Dundee Cycles

  • Coffee shop: Blue Line Coffee

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