Discover | Benson District

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

maple street in benson omaha nebraska

The Benson District is a vibrant historic neighborhood in Omaha. Today it attracts all generations from younger residents who enjoy the bar, music and nightlife to all residents enjoying the upcoming dining options. You can discover a lot of local street art murals. The area is centered around Maple and Military.

It is named after Erastus Benson was a land speculator, investor and philanthropist who unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Omaha in 1906. He was an early investor in marketing Thomas Edison's inventions, including the phonograph and the Kinetoscope. In 1887, he purchased approximately 900 acres of farm land from Edward Creighton, an Omaha businessman. On May 25, 1917, the city of Omaha, Nebraska annexed the town of Benson. Krug Park was an amusement park located on North 52nd Street in Benson. In 1930 the park was the site of the worst roller coaster accident in the country to that year and in 1940 it was closed.

The Benson community strives to be unique and historic. You won’t find a chain restaurant there. Modern construction is kept to a minimum. It is an area based on Support Local.

  • Florist shop: Piccolo's Florist

  • Bicycle shop: Omaha Bicycle Company

  • Coffee shop: Hardy Coffee Co.

  • Diner: Leo's Diner