Deep Fried Woodworks

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I was impressed with the work I saw from Deep Fried Woodworks on Instagram. I talked with the man behind the brand, Jason Jones. He told me, "I am in the very beginning stages of converting my serious hobby into an actual business."

Jason was born and raised in Omaha and always had a desire to create with his hands. Jason said, "I grew up watching my family run two restaurants and was instantly drawn to the kitchen. In 2011 I graduated from Metropolitan Community College with a degree in culinary arts and management." However, around 3 years ago he began branching out into the world of woodworking (pun not intended). His goal was to apply the same mentality and passion he had for cooking, into creating more permanent and functional works of art. Deep Fried Woodworks is the result.

The mission of the brand is to provide people quality, one of a kind, handmade items with the passion and consciousness of a professional chef. Jason has two small wood shops at his home (one in the garage and one in the basement). Jason specializes in kitchen products for the chef by a chef (cutting/serving boards, hand-carved spoons, spatulas, etc.). He does make small boxes and some furniture. He told me "Most all of the wood I use is locally sourced, hand picked and of high quality. Unlike most modern makers, the majority of my products are made with old school hand tools." Jason really enjoys connecting with the wood in that way and adding a one of a kind, heirloom touch. Visit his site at

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