Benson Soap Mill

soap from benson soap mill in omaha

Tim Maides and the Benson Soap Mill team use their skills to utilize and re-purpose both natural and discarded products from local restaurants, coffee shops, and farms. With our combined drive we make some of the finest soap around using as locally sourced products as possible. The products are made with Sunflower Oil from Simply Sunflower in Ord, NE and Tallow from TD Niche Pork & Den's Country Meats in Elk Creek.

The Benson Soap collection includes bar soap, foaming hand soap, body washes, bath bombs, and shaving cream bars. I can personally tell you that once you try some you will be hooked. The scents and feel of the soaps are top quality.

The soap mill lab is actually located in the Benson district. You can find the soap collection at shops around town, on their website or when then attend local artisan markets.