Barnwood Trays

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Barnwood Trays is a family-owned and operated business founded by Dan Vollmer. In 2012 Dan, a contractor by trade, responded to a bid to tear down a barn outside Bennington, NE. Originally the harvested timber was intended as new flooring to replace the old hardwood floors for his wife, but in the end he decided that the lumber could best be served for another purpose. Thus began the first barnwood tray.

Dan says, “For most of us, barns are representative of American tradition, hard work, and independence. This is why we take great pride in giving you an opportunity to own a piece of this reclaimed heritage that you can bring into your homes to continue to serve you, just as they did for decades before their obsolescence.’

This side hobby started out small, giving out trays to family and friends, but as word spread the trays took over Dan’s garage, and soon everyone wanted a piece to display.

In the summer of 2012 Dan secured a last minute spot at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Omaha. He and his family and friends worked through the night and hustled to build as many trays as possible. The next morning was an overwhelming success, and at the end of the afternoon a dream was born. No longer a “side hobby,” today Barnwood Trays has (thankfully) moved out of the garage and into a larger space. Trays, wine racks, tables, and custom pieces can be found at various farmers markets, craft fairs, and expos around the Midwest.

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