Andrea Comisky Lawse; Artemis Teas

artemis teas from omaha

Please meet Andrea Comiskey Lawse, Founder and Chief Tea Artisan for Artemis Teas based here in Omaha. She was introduced to the tea lifestyle by her great grandmother. She explains, “Tea-drinking stayed with me. As I got older, I discovered that my own moments of solitude, contemplation, and study, or those moments spent staring out a window on a rainy spring day--were made infinitely better, complete, even, by a cup of tea. Indeed, the very act of preparing tea became a ritual-like process for me by the time I was sixteen; and when I went off to college, my dorm-room was soon transformed into a small café.”

Andrea created Artemis Teas which is hand-crafted, small-batch herbal teas created with mindful precision to support vibrant well-being. The passion for plants resonates deeply in each blend and cup of tea. Artemis seeks out the freshest, highest quality ingredients from family tea and herb farms locally in the Midwest. The company mission is to bring people’s attention back to the importance of plants and strengthening our sense of connection with them.

You can meet Andrea at many local street markets. You can find Artemis Teas at Hutch in Midtown Crossing. She says “You can be sure that each cup of Artemis Teas is full of love and intention--from planting all the way to our compostable packaging!”

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