8 Benefits of Walking Tours in Omaha

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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Walking tours in Omaha are one of the most popular ways to explore the city if you are visiting. The benefits of guided walking tours are endless. Not only are they great ways to meet other tourists, get great exercise, plus you won’t miss details like street art or interesting shops and restaurants. Tours on the go are usually smaller groups so you can hear better and they are more affordable. Walking tours are usually themed covering history, food, instagram highlights and hidden gems.

It’s easy to find yourself attached to your computer but that can be isolating and takes you away from the real world. You can take a local walking tour even if you live in the city. We all miss things in our own city as we follow our daily routine. Discover the past and present in the city and be more informed about your community.

There are 8 top benefits for selecting a walking tour.

Meet New People

If you enjoy meeting fellow travelers, walking tours are the best place to do so. Traveling can get pretty lonely if you’re doing it on your own, going on a tour is a great opportunity to meet someone new who shares your interest.

Exercise and Experience

Local walking tours give the walking exercise needed because we tend to indulge a little more on vacation. Make sure you know the duration and distance of your tour so you know if it matches your abilities. Dress for the weather and the walk so you are able to enjoy the experience.

No Planning

Exploring a place that you’ve never been to before can get pretty overwhelming. Planning can take forever, and if you’re too tired or too busy to do it on your own, just show up at the meeting spot and let the guide take care of the whole thing.

Tours by Locals

They say, “not all who wander are lost”, but sometimes we can all use a little direction. Tours by locals will help you steer clear of tourist traps and deliver the authentic travel experience you’ve been hoping for.

Local Experiences

Walking tours move at a pace that allows travelers to stop, smell and see their surroundings. The smell of the fresh ground coffee wafting from a quaint café and the beauty of the flowers along the walk. When you’re walking, you have time to photograph what inspires you.

Match Your Interest

Local walking tours can match what you are interested in. History tours explain the city’s beginning which will give you a deeper understanding of local culture, historic landmarks and maybe sordid tales from the city’s expansion. Food tours give visitors a chance to experience top local restaurants and chefs which will help set your dining plans for the remainder of your stay. Haunted and ghost story tours are a popular choice in many cities.

Useful Tips

Walking tours are a up close kind of experience and usually only last for an hour or two, but you’ll leave with a lot of ideas for future explorations. Tour guides should be locals who will give you a bunch of useful tips what to see and try in the city; so don’t forget to tip them.

Get Recommendations

Your tour guide can give you suggestions on places to eat or drink in the area. They are the expert so ask your questions so you can experience even more of what they locals love in the area.

Omaha tours by Nebraska Tour Company include historic district tours of The Old Market and Blackstone District. Food and Drink Tours share tastings from local favorites and top chefs in The Old Market, and the Blackstone District. Our Tour Team lets guests book customizable tours when they are available so they can easily arrange their time in they city. Guests can even enjoy a walking tour at their own pace with Self-Guided Tours. We look forward to hosting you.