6 Reasons to Staycation in Nebraska

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a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, one involving day trips to destinations in the region or one in your own city.

Make it a day trip in the Midwest or be a tourist in Omaha. Either way, there are many reasons to take a vacation close to home. You may decide on a staycation because of world events making travel uncertain, because it’s not the best time for an expensive trip or because you want more time relaxing with less travel stress.

We all get stuck in our weekly routines and probably don’t notice the new things around us. Many of us may not even know about the rich history of our own city or the region around us. These are our 6 top reasons to do a Staycation.

Save money and enjoy more. Minimize expenses including airfare, accommodations, taxis and eating out so you can spend more time enjoying the time off from work.

Start your vacation right away. Get to the fun and relaxation faster because you don’t have long travel times and flight delays.

Take less time to plan. Ease the stress of vacation planning by finding things to do in the morning when you wake up or just a couple days before you drive to your location.

Create a flexible itinerary. Most museums, activities and tours are available up to 24 hours or minutes in advance of their start time. You can create day or weekend away along with some relaxing time at home.

Support local businesses. Put money back in your community by visiting local artisans, eating with local chefs, discovering local street art, visiting local attractions or enjoying a local craft brew.

Discover new. Experience new places, parts of the city and museums nearby. Learn new knowledge by visiting historical sights or taking a local tour. Savor new local flavors by visiting restaurants new to you or taking a local food tour. Meet new people by getting out to new places.

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Your Staycation doesn’t have to be boring and uneventful. There is a lot of new and exciting all around you. We do have 2 important rules to make sure you enjoy your local vacation.

Take a break. Don’t attend the usual weekly activities including community meetings and kids sports.

Get outside. Don’t only stay home and binge Netflix but take the time to get out and about.

Nebraska Tour Company has many of ways to help make your Staycation interesting and easy to plan. Join our Walking Tours to discover the historic past and culinary present of the city’s most vibrant districts. We have Self Guided Tours to experience the city on your own time. You can use our Free Guides to find sights to see and our top picks for local food. We can even help you discover the food and history in the Midwest with an easy trip to our other cities: Des Moines, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Enjoy your time discovering local. We look forward to hosting you.

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