10 Things To Do On Your Omaha Staycation

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Omaha always makes for an interesting place to explore — even when its the city you call home. Legendary history, stellar restaurants and eclectic boutiques offer days of opportunities to discover new corners of the city as well as learn something about the place you live. A Staycation doesn’t mean staying at home; it’s your time to discover new. You can sleep at home or spend a couple nights in a local Airbnb or a boutique hotel. The only goal for your staycation is to do different activities than the normal routine. We have 10 ideas to get you outside and inspired about our great city.

durham museum
Durham History Museum

Take a History Tour: Most of us haven’t had the time to learn about the history of the city. The local stories of the past include mafia, prohibition, beef, railroad, riverfront commerce and gambling. Pick some districts and take some Walking Tours with a local expert to become an Omaha expert.

Visit a local museum: When was the last time you went? Most museums have some rotating exhibits so there is always something new to view. Take a couple days and experience the history and art collections in the city. Use our Free Guide of Top Museums to create your itinerary.

Tour local public art: you may have notice a mural on your normal drive. But, you may not realize there are murals and sculptures along the streets and on the buildings all over the city. Take a Self-guided Tour to discover local beauty.

Take a Food Tour: take a break from pizza delivery and discover hot new chefs and restaurants in the city. Join a local foodie on a culinary Food Tour to taste what’s new in the city. Then, you have new favorites go back for a full meal.

Sample new local brews and spirits: visit the local breweries to discover a new favorite beer. Visit a local distillery or small spirits shop to find new and local liquor to upgrade your cocktails. You can join a local Brew Tour to taste new craft beer and learn the stories of the brewmasters.

Discover a new local shop: scroll through Instagram to find local artisans and visit their shops. These can be unique artistic souvenirs of your staycation.

Relax in a city park: take some quiet time at that park you’ve never had time to explore. You can even order takeaway and make it a picnic day.

Explore a state park: take a short drive to a local state park and spend the day discovering and hiking. You may even be able to find a nearby campground for a night away under the stars.

Wander the Farmer’s Market: the local farmer’s market is a day full of good food, local produce, creative artisans and sometimes beautiful music. Enjoy the day meeting new people and finding new food.

Volunteer to help the community: take one day to give back by volunteering at a local non-profit. The food bank is usually looking for help from groups or individuals. Find your passion project and ask them how you can help.