street in historic North Omaha

North Omaha District History Tour


1 hour


1.0 mile walk


Local History Buff Tour Host


Historic photos


Advance tickets needed


No hidden fees

Tour Notes

This experience highlights the beauty and history of North Omaha via North 24th St. Known as “The Street of Dreams” and affectionately named “The Deuce”, this area has hosted some of the greats in American Jazz history and is still a home for the arts. Our expert host is eager to share the stories of the rich legacy of this area and the African-American community, including the stories of Malcolm Little, later known as Malcolm X. Celebrate the past and embrace the future with us on this wonderful tour of North Omaha. Our friendly knowledgeable host is eager to share the local stories about why North Omaha is a beacon of the past and important for the future.

  • Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated if you feel you have a great tour experience

  • By appointment only. Contact us for options. 

  • Contact us for other available private customized tour times and larger group sizes


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