omaha walking tour

Are there any extra fees that I will have to pay on top of the listed price?

The listed price on our site is the price you pay and we do not charge any extra fees. Tips for the guides are not included.

Can I change my tour date?

You can change the date of your tour based on Tour Host and vehicle availability. Culinary tours will have a $10 change fee to compensate your Tour Host for the extra time in changing venue reservations. Please email or call our office to inquire about making a change.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Our Tour Team makes preparations and reservations for your tour experience as soon as you confirm the reservation. We are glad to offer the refunds according to the tour timelines below. If a tour is canceled by our team due to extreme weather; it may be rescheduled. If a tour is canceled by your group, we are unable to reschedule. Read our temporary health safety cancel policies. 

Tours canceled earlier than the timeline below are eligible for a full refund. We are unable to provide any partial refund if some guests are unable to attend the day of the tour. *Culinary tours have a $15 service charge if canceled within a month; this fee is not covered by cancelation insurance.

History Tours:   50% refund within 5 days  | No refund within 48 hours

Culinary* Tours: 50% refund within 7 days  | No refund within 72 hours

Custom Tours:   50% refund within 3 weeks  | No refund within 2 weeks

Our group events receive a deposit refund up to 3 weeks before the tour date. Refunds for group tours canceled within 3 weeks are eligible for a refund of 50% of the total tour quote.

Can I book a private tour?

You can ensure your experience will be limited to only your group for just an additional $5 per guest.


Can I get cancelation insurance?

We offer cancelation insurance for walking tours for an additional $5 per person. This program gives you the security of knowing you can cancel up to one hour before the tour for a full refund.


Can we still do the tour if the weather is bad?

Please bring an umbrella if it’s sprinkling, we’re still able to give the tour. We also make sure to offer plenty of indoor gems of Omaha to accommodate indoor tours in case we want to avoid spending time outdoors. If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed.


What if someone isn’t healthy?

Our hosts are instructed not to lead a tour if they are not feeling well. We will try to find a substitute host, if possible. We will fully refund a tour if a host isn't well and we are not able to find a substitute.

We ask that any guests who are not feeling well stay home. We will refund a single guest who is not able to join their group. We will offer a reschedule for any entire group that is not able to attend their tour. Our standard refund policies will be in effect if a group is not able to reschedule their experience.


What if there is an issue on the tour?

Our tour hosts will do their best to provide an enjoyable and entertaining tour experience for all our guests. However, Nebraska Tour Company is not responsible and cannot be held liable for behavior of the public, other tour guests or any accidents during the tour.


Our hosts will have the ability to make tour changes that promote the safety and security of hosts, guests and tour partners. They will also have the right to refuse service to anyone not complying with our safety policies.